About the Musical

Synopsis of the Musical: These Months of Our Lives: 2020-2022

It is January 2020. We are introduced to the people of a small, rural, West Virginia town, much like many other towns. A place where everyone knows everybody’s business…and can recite their neighbor’s transgressions back for generations. This is a town that survives and even thrives despite natural disasters and man-made curses because when things are at their worst, they are at their best. This is a town that cherishes its children, land, worship, and of course its sports. Of course in such a small place, the gossip moves faster than a river at flood, no hurt is ever forgiven, and politics is distinctly personal! 

Suddenly, everyone is talking about a new virus on the other side of the earth, the other side of the country, then the state, and then on Easter Sunday, in April 2020, it arrives in their town. They are divided, scared, and angry…is it a hoax, will it kill them all, how do they protect themselves? As the long days and months of 2020, 2021, and 2022 drag on, three families find ways to to celebrate, laugh, work, learn, love, tend their sick, and mourn terrible losses.

 And, despite their deeply felt differences, they find a way to help each other and protect and nourish what they love, the heart and soul of this extraordinary town.